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Battise Fashions is an online company known for imaginative, practical and high-quality accessories and clothing.

Michele Battise has over 20 years experience in fashion and tailoring as a designer, instructor and business owner. For several years she worked solely for a large retailer.  Later representatives wholesaled her goods within showrooms at the Los Angeles Mart, selling to boutiques and other specialty stores.  In 2008 realizing a need for closer contact with the customer and a change in the structure of the company, she launched Battise Fashions.

During her career she outfitted women from rich and famous to ones with modest budgets. While doing so, she devised a method of "body sculpting", by which she chalked out the contours of the woman's body to get the best fit possible -- regardless of size.  The company was also one of the first to primarily use organic cotton and silks in garment production.

All accessory and apparel production is performed in the U.S. and the company frequently partners and collaborates with a variety of artisans.

Feel free to contact us at:

Battise Fashions
Albany, California